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Immediation was conceived and designed by Melbourne barrister Laura Keily in response to the problems she encountered with ordinary businesses and individuals gaining access to justice at a reasonable price. Immediation has been brought to fruition by a team of leading Australian barristers, solicitors and in-house legal counsel who share a deep respect for the rule of law, and an unrivalled understanding of the practices and processes of dispute resolution and legal technology. (Photography credit: Alina Gozin'a)

Laura keily

Entrepreneur  |  Barrister  |  Founder

AT the helm

Executive leadership.

The Immediation team employs dozens of technical and administrative support specialists all of whom have legal backgrounds, whereas the wider team includes Google engineering alumni, senior software developers based in silicon valley, digital analysts and user experience professionals in Australia and all over the world. Oh, and did we mention that there are 90 world-class dispute resolution experts on the Immediation Panel?

Laura Keily  |  Founder
and Managing Director

Laura is an entrepreneur with a blue chip legal and business background as a top-tier corporate lawyer, company director, business adviser and in-house counsel for listed corporates. A qualified arbitrator, specialist in corporations law and complex commercial litigation, Laura’s technical expertise is recognised in her appointment to the Law Council of Australia’s Corporations and Competition and Consumer Law Committees. Laura was a finalist in the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards and the Women in Law Awards.

Nick Northcott  |  Executive Director, Commercial

Nick Northcott is former KPMG, the Founder of Chrysalis Advisory, has experience as an MBA Lecturer, a Partner at multiple firms and shares more than 20 years of successful strategy & execution, innovation & commercialisation with the Immediation team. With diverse global experience, Nick has held roles in professional services, consulting, not for profit, government and research and innovation. Nick is also a Director and investor in a number of high growth early stage ventures and a trained mediator.

Martin Wells  |  CHIEF 

Chief Technology Officer and Silicon Valley VP of Engineering and Product. A highly experienced technology executive and CEO with deep technical and commercialisation expertise, Martin has advised more than 30 companies, raising over $200 million in venture capital funding and assisting in 10 acquisitions. Martin has founded and successfully exited three start-ups. His extensive experience includes as a CTO, VP Product, VP Engineering and the Founder of Intercom, one of Australia’s first internet service providers,

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