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The backlog will not be solved by trying more cases,” said a prominent judge. “It will be solved by getting cases out of the pipeline that are better suited to mediation and arbitration vs coming to my bench. ”Immediation’s ADR solution offers your court a fully flexible, customizable workflow that integrates with your current CMS, connects with local mediators and arbitrators, schedules, collects payments and speeds parties to resolution - delivering the data and insights you can use for future decision-making. Our digital hearing platform delivers the highest quality, most secure opportunity to hear cases in a hybrid or fully virtual environment – speeding your disposition rate and increasing overall access to the court. Notably, our platform is built around privilege protection.

Sample Court Configurations

We configured our Intake to serve a Kansas court
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Kansas court Sample
In partnership with the Louisiana court, we configured our calendar module into a Call-Over system to speed through a daily docket.
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Louisiana court sample
Download How to build a tech-enabled Courtroom
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Tech Check list
Download How to build a tech product brochure
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White labelled platform

The entire Immediation Platform is editable with your brand look & feel – colors, fonts, logos, terminology and various other representations.

Information exchange between parties

Customizable questions can take the place of traditional pleadings and enable more results-oriented, resolution focussed exchange of documents and information. Especially useful for tribunals or dockets with large numbers of self represented litigants.

Scheduling of judicial officers

Upload your judicial officer profiles into the Platform and seamlessly manage their dockets. Improve efficiency by having the judicial officers able to be scheduled for matters online.

Document exchange with judicial officers

Documents can be shared in advance of the case. Lawyers can upload submissions and reference cases directly into the matter dashboard.

Virtual hearings

Role-based access – platform knows each party and their role – allowing them to view/interact only with the pieces & parties they are meant to. Neutral (or designated operator) controls, party management and security, main room recording option, evidence display, party and counsel rooms provided for easy collaboration with chat and whiteboards.

Custom workflows

To assist Court and tribunal users and online administrators. Increase efficiency by designing dispute resolution workflows.

Sample Court Configurations

Immediation reduces costs, inefficiency and barriers to justice.