Maximum security, built for purpose.

Immediation undergoes extensive penetration testing on a regular basis and will provide summary results if required.

Immediation was built by ISO27001 certified engineers and is ISO27001 aligned. The internationally recognized specification for an Information Security Management System further qualifies Immediation's best practice security measures.

Fully documented API

Our documentation makes the whole API experience enjoyable for developers. It decreases the amount of time spent on-boarding, it's quick and easy to reference and saves a lot of time and unnecessary costs.

OpenAPI3 specification

Immediation's API takes advantage of the simplified structure of OpenAPI3, writing and navigating OAS definitions is an absolute breeze and the REST API is a component of the Core Platform so it will evolve in parallel with the Immediation Platform.

Sandbox environments

As a Digital Legal Environment™ it's imperative that sandbox environments are available to increase security and to collaborate across all departments. With Immediation's API, you can create, deploy and most importantly you can test your infrastructure in advance.

Pentest certified

During API penetration testing, Immediation conducts pentesting on our API's functions / methods, how they could be abused, and how authorization and authentication could be bypassed. We put our API through these types of tests so that we reveal any security vulnerabilities that might exist.

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