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WHITE glove service
Legally qualified service when you need it. Setting up and managing a single matter? Need to access our global panel of mediators and arbitrators? We’ve got you covered.
maximum security
ISO27001 certified, doc-encryption, GDPR compliant, sensitive to legal ethics and confidentiality. Compliant with the world's most stringent privacy standards.
modular upgrades
Configure your Immediation Platform experience, adapted to your organization's use case, branding and workflows. API integration options are also available.
Created by lawyers
A seamless, intuitive digital environment for handling complex legal interactions. Superior video and collaboration in the browser; no software download required.

Microsoft Teams App

Use Immediation with Microsoft Teams via the AppSource app store or as a standalone web app, with no additional software required. Immediation is a Microsoft Partner and a Microsoft Web Apps 'Preferred Solution'.


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welcome to immediation by design

Immediation wraps all your legal requirements into one “plug and play” platform ready to use today across the globe.
Makes the tech disappear
Frees you from technology and administration constraints, allowing you to perform at your best.
seamless and intuitive to use
Immediation understands who you are, what you need and how you use it, so it's simple, logical and powerful to use.
operational safety net
Reduces exposure from process mistakes such as having people in the wrong rooms, accidental exposure of information or losing unsaved information.
Enables participants across the globe to access the digital legal environment more securely, while still maintaining ease of access.
Stand out from the crowd with a customised platform experience, adapted to your organisation's use case, branding and workflows.
Make data driven decisions using module analytics. Gain valuable information on team usage, client uptake, session insights and a wide range of in-matter metrics.
MAXIMUM Security and Privacy
ISO27001 certified video and document encryption, GDPR and ethics compliant, privacy sensitive.
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The world’s most advanced, integrated digital legal environment that every legal specialist deserves.