Independent Resolution Service

Complaints management and resolution systems for organizations.

We have all your complaints, dispute handling and resolution needs expertly managed in one single, secure place. Streamline processes, reduce costs, improve experiences and optimise outcomes. Configure our complaints handling modules to match your organization’s specific workflows, branding and use cases. Dispute Lifecycle Management™ for today’s changing world.
“Sport NZ is proud to have partnered with Immediation to establish the first system wide Sport and Recreation Complaints and Mediation Service in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The quality of their team, commitment to innovation and belief in partnership made Immediation NZ an obvious choice for this new and complex service that our sector has needed for so long.”

- Jennah Wootten, General Manager, Sport New Zealand

The service includes:

Immediation technology

Cutting edge technology that takes the hassle out of managing complaints and disputes processes, from inception on your website through to resolution.

Anonymous communication

Immediations's integration with Whispli enables fully anonymized complaints to be made, and whisteblowing concerns may be raised in confidence.


Our triage team are efficient and effective, providing quick access to relevant information. Empathetic listeners at heart, drawing upon years of experience in mediation, arbitration and legal proceedings.

Early facilitation

If appropriate, Immediation will commence the early facilitation process which prepares all parties for negotiation and details the conduct when proceeding with negotiations.

Dispute resolution

With Immediation, your organization has access to the most comprehensive Global Panel of online dispute resolution experts. Including panelists with many years of experience in community and high performance sports mediation.


A detailed, curated and iterated set of guidelines are provisioned as a working template or adapted for various use cases. Guidelines also include a quick guide information pack as a user friendly alternative.


The protocol documentation includes (and is not limited to) the scope of the service, investigations, witness and respondent interviews and report analysis.

Free yourself from technology and administration constraints, perform at your best.

WHITE glove service
Legally qualified service when you need it. Setting up and managing a single matter? Need to access our global panel of mediators and arbitrators? We’ve got you covered.
maximum security
ISO27001 certified, doc-encryption, GDPR compliant, sensitive to legal ethics and confidentiality. Compliant with the world's most stringent privacy standards.
modular upgrades
Configure your Immediation Platform experience, adapted to your organization's use case, branding and workflows. API integration options are also available.
Created by lawyers
A seamless, intuitive digital environment for handling complex legal interactions. Superior video and collaboration in the browser; no software download required.
ODR solutions

Seamless and intuitive to use.

In many cases, ODR consists of cobbled together solutions that don’t mirror the dispute resolution environment, nor incorporate specialised tools for this specific work. Managing every element and keeping track of multiple APPS is overwhelming (especially at scale). That's why Immediation understands who you are, what you need and how you use it, so it's simple, logical and powerful to use.