Dr Bruce Atkinson

Name: Dr Bruce Atkinson

Qualifications: BE (Hons 1) PhD, Diploma in Law (LPAB, 2019)

Title: Mediator, Expert and Consulting Engineer

Organisation: Basacon Services Pty Ltd

State: NSW

Immediation Practice Area: Expert Determination


I am a Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS)  with more than 35 years of engineering, technical, management, commercial and  contract experience. I provide a sound means by which to resolve disputes  promptly, commercially and with amiable outcomes.

My technical work is involved in:

water  treatment including

●        drinking water; sewage and  recycled water;

●        industrial trade waste, mine water  discharges;

●        membrane filtration and  desalination;

●        process modelling; and

coal  resource evaluation and beneficiation,  including:

●        coal analysis and  characterisation;

●        resource assessment;

●        coal preparation (washing); and

●        process modelling.

As an expert,  I have supported various clients in the NSW Land and Environment Court and  the NSW Supreme Court and have proactively liaised with the NSW EPA on behalf  of clients.

●        Accredited Mediator NMAS

●        FIEAust CPEng (Chemical) NER

●        FAusIMM (CP Metallurgy)

●        Member, Australian Water  Association

●        RPEQ

●        GAICD

●        PRIMed

Personal Comment

Having supported clients through litigation,  and witnessing the time, resource, personal and financial costs, I have  always been eager to assist clients in a more effective manner to help them  preserve their life and business relationships. I am pleased to be able to  offer alternative paths via Mediation and Expert Determination.

Immediation Area(s) of Expertise

Corporate and commercial (Energy resources  mining), Property, construction, environment, oil, gas and mining (Building  and construction, Environmental regulation, oil gas and mining).