Danielle Huntersmith

Name: Danielle Huntersmith

Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Economics (majoring in Accounting & Economics), Signed Victorian Bar Roll 24 November 1994, Practitioners Certificate in Mediation and Conciliation 1999, Advanced Nationally Accredited Mediator 2008, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Post Graduate Certificate in Family Dispute Resolution, Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Title: Barrister and Mediator

Organisation: Victorian Bar

State: Victoria

Immediation Practice Area: Mediation


I am a nationally accredited advanced  mediator. I am also an accredited FDRP. I am a barrister at the Victorian Bar  and a highly skilled dispute resolver, with over 25 years of experience  resolving disputes in many different areas from highly complex, multi-party  commercial disputes to disagreements between neighbours, families or members  of sporting clubs. As a barrister I understand the adversarial process and  the legal perspective. It is this knowledge that drives me to practice  exclusively in alternative dispute resolution.

I mediate disputes knowing how stressful,  expensive and unsatisfactory the alternative pathways through the courts and  tribunals can be. I bring my highly developed skills as a mediator to help  parties develop and negotiate their own agreed solutions without the rigid  limitations of legal relevance and the narrow range of outcomes possible in a  court or tribunal.

I have had years of experience in the  following roles:

●        Advanced Nationally Accredited  Mediator, Victorian Bar

●        Panel Member of the Liquor  Licensing Panel, Victoria

●        Panel Mediator at the Office of  the Small Business Commissioner, Victoria

●        Panel Mediator at the Office of  the Franchising Mediation Advisor

●        Panel Mediator for the  Horticulture Advisor and Oil Advisor

●        Accredited FDRP

●        Conciliator at the Financial  Ombudsman’s Service

●        Deputy Chair, Victorian Bar  Dispute Resolution Committee

●        Chair of the Victorian Bar  Mediators Accreditation Sub-Committee

●        Vice Chair, Institute of  Arbitrators & Mediators Australia, Victoria Chapter

●        Victorian Bar representative on  NADRAC (national alternative dispute resolution advisory council)

●        Board Member, Skin & Cancer  Foundation Inc.

Personal Comment

I have a proven and extensive track record of  successful mediation outcomes is the result of the care, skill and attention  I bring to the table.

Immediation Area(s) of Expertise

Banking and Finance (Consumer credit)

Corporate and commercial (Advertising,  Automotive, Consumer credit, Consumer protection, Contracts, Equipment  finance, Franchising, Health, Liquor licensing, Misleading advertising,  Misleading and deceptive conduct/fraud, Partnership)

Property, construction, environment, oil, gas  and mining (Building and construction, Commercial leasing, Franchising, Oil  gas and mining, Owners Corporation, Property, Residential leasing,  Restrictive covenants, Retail leasing, Town planning)

Wills, estates and charities (Family  provisions, Guardianship)