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Your legal work is specialized. It has always required the right tools for the right job, and now is no different. In fact, it's more important than ever.


1. Case intake (automated)

IMPORTANT: Immediation integrates seamlessly with your existing case intake platform (eg. Intapp), so when you create a case it automatically creates a case in Immediation.
Configurable forms

Vet the matter via responding to pre-configured questions; provide narrative points; upload documents. Intuitive forms ensure parties are only presented with questions they are required to complete based on the information provided.


Comprehensive scheduling tool enables parties to provide their availability; compare with the neutral’s availability and find a mutually convenient meeting time.


STRIPE integration enables the platform to take payment for you.


2. Case management.

Case data

All relevant metadata pertaining to the case, including but not limited to, the parties, the neutral, court, dispute resolution center, details of claim, value under dispute etc etc (Case details can be created / updated through integration with PACER data.

Case tasks

Task management to keep everyone aligned on the case.

Case financials

Financial tracking of the case through integration with the time and billing system. The ability to stay on top of the case financials to ensure delivery within the client’s constraints / parameters.

Case insights

Insights generated from internal and external data to support the case team in defining the strategy for success. Could include internal experience insights as well as external performance insights (win loss against the other law firm judges leanings etc).

Case chronology

The ability to map the timeline of the case, what events happened and when.

Evidence upload

Through integration with the firms e-discovery tools bring in the documents that will be used as evidence.

Evidence curation

The ability to annotate the evidence and build the evidence journey that will form the foundation of the brief. The ability to collaborate on the evidence, either through notes and messaging or on the virtual platform. The ability to automatically generate the first draft of the brief. The ability to create a bundle from the evidence. The ability to push the evidence to the hearing if using the Immediation platform.

Form and templates

Standard documents / templates that can be used through the life of the case to drive efficiency. This could include standard court forms as well as internal documents by way of examples.


3. Hearing Platform


ISO 27001 Certified; SOC 1 & 2 expected October 2022. Resides on Microsoft Azure with data sovereignty issues addressed. Military-grade encryption, totally secure.

Party management

Neutral controls the room and all parties in it via one screen.Invitations cannot be forwarded – are only for the designated partyPlatform knows each person and their role – therefore they cannot be placed in the wrong room or be exposed to documents they should not see.

Room control

Neutrals can mute parties, turn off video, usher parties into private rooms or call people back into the main room.
Main room is the only location recorded – no other room has this option to ensure confidentiality
All tools are run by neutral – white board, evidence viewing, chat between parties, broadcast option, etc.

Counsel rooms

All counsel teams have private rooms they can enter at any time.

Party rooms

Parties, groups have a private room for discussion.


Teams can chat with one another directly on screen vs via other apps.

Evidence display

Accepted evidence – documents, video, photos, can be shared – with annotations, highlights, etc.


The ability to collaborate on documents and send them to DocuSign for signature where required / appropriate.


For the first time ever, gain data driven insights on the performance of all aspects of the litigation suite and related workflows.

Microsoft Teams App

Use Immediation with Microsoft Teams via the AppSource app store or as a standalone web app, with no additional software required. Immediation is a Microsoft Partner and a Microsoft Web Apps 'Preferred Solution'.