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Streamlined process.

Create a claim.

Answer simple questions in plain English that cut to the heart of the case. Upload your information quickly and easily.

Invite the other party.

The other person receives an invitation to participate. If the other person agrees to use Immediation, they go through the same process.

Receive expert assistance.

An independent expert with relevant experience is appointed by Immediation to assist with the resolution of the dispute online. The appointment is confirmed by both parties.

Enforceable outcome.

A mediation conference or hearing is held online using Immediation’s bespoke video-conference tool, usually within 30 days. Parties have the option of agreeing the enforceable outcome then and there.

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How Immediation Works - Mediation

Immediation is simple and easy to use! Before you sign up to any service on Immediation, there are a set of ground rules,as well as a process agreement, that the parties and the independent neutral accept. Once you have created an account here, you can download the full agreements from the Immediation Resources page. Below is a high level summary.

The Mediation Rules regulate how the mediated dispute will be managed and how Immediation works. They operate in conjunction with the Mediation Agreement.

If a settlement is reached, the parties can record it online via either a binding Settlement Agreement or a non-binding Heads of Agreement.

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Used by a wide range of professionals.


Save your clients time and money whilst enjoying all the features and benefits of our state-of-the-art technology.


Our online experts have technical expertise in areas such as construction, engineering, valuation, tax and telecommunications.


Immediation can be used for in-house counsel to increase efficiencies and drive down the cost of dispute resolution.

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Download the free Immediation Information Pack


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