immediation technology

The experience

Private and secure

Your information is safe with Immediation’s Chief Technology Officer, Martin Wells. A Silicon Valley VP of Product and Engineering and the Founder of Intercom, one of Australia's first internet service providers, Martin ensures there is a tight lid on Immediation's video conferencing technology.

How it works

Video conferencing.

The video is launched

A customised video-conference tool built by former Google Engineers is used to mimic a physical mediation centre.

Proceedings are controlled

The mediator controls proceedings, enabling parties to convene in plenary session or in caucus with their lawyer.

Sharing information is quick and easy

During the online conference, parties can text-chat privately or publicly and view information uploaded to the platform.

Everything you need is available on screen

On screen, the parties can work together on their settlement terms, which are instantly converted into a settlement agreement for e-signing via DocuSign.

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