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The Family Panel.

The Immediation Family Panel will comprise accredited family dispute resolution practitioners, family law specialists, mediators and arbitrators with significant expertise and experience in assisting families to resolve disputes out of court.  We welcome applications from senior practitioners of at least 5 years’ standing in the family law jurisdiction.  

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We are excited to announce the launch of the inaugural Immediation Family Law Panel in 2020. Those in the industry know that in family law, parties are required to make a genuine effort to resolve their disputes, before they can apply to the courts for parenting or financial orders. In many cases, parties will be ordered to attend dispute resolution before they file with the Court. That's where Immediation comes in. Immediation is a world-first technology platform, looking to bring Online Dispute Resolution to the family law space. Our aim is to help resolve matters faster – for a fixed fee – through the provision of a dedicated expert panel of family law specialists.

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