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100% online mediation services are available now.

The Mediation Platform has been released and is currently available. Other Services (such as Evaluation, Determination and Arbitration) can be provided with minimal manual intervention by Immediation until the Platform is updated to full release.


online dispute resolution services

Online mediation is just the beginning.


In accordance with relevant arbitral rules to produce an arbitral award, either domestic or international.


A non-binding early online evaluation of a dispute by a legal expert that specialises in the subject matter.


An online determination of a legal dispute by a subject matter expert which is made binding by contract.


Industry-wide solutions.


Immediation can assist construction companies to shepherd through disputes without engaging in adversarial process.


Immediation’s online process enables insurance matters to be dealt with in a streamlined fashion, avoiding the need for extensive correspondence


When a dispute arises in a project contract, property developers and project managers require access to fast, impartial dispute resolution techniques


Whether you are an insolvency practitioner or you are acting for them or a party who has received a claim, it is in the parties’ interests to resolve the dispute quickly.


Immediation enables Ombudsmen to create a scalable service, making it more accessible to more people.


The Immedation team understands that Government Departments and Agencies seek commercial options to resolve commercial disputes in a swift manner.

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"extremely efficient and cost effective"

I found Immediation's platform to be intuitive and high quality. I would recommend it as an extremely efficient and cost effective dispute resolution mechanism compared to a face to face mediation.

Justin Coss

Vice President, Association of Corporate Counsel Australia.

"A game changer!"

Immediation is awesome. It's an innovative and practical dispute resolution platform which provides an effective, quick and professional services to resolve a matter online. A game changer!

Tasmanian Ambassador

Theo Kapodistrias

"Immediation is a fantastic platform"

Immediation is a fantastic platform to shake up dispute resolution and show that disputes can be resolved more amicably and efficiently. Immediation has the potential to resolve commercial disputes, and to break down geographic and process driven barriers to achieving true time and cost efficient dispute resolution.

Lena Chapple

Legal Counsel at Thales

"innovation in the legal space"

Immediation is a rare and welcome innovation in the legal space - an externally focussed platform to assist in achieving a key business outcome: the effective resolution of disputes - rather than simply a tool for streamlining internal processes. The platform is easy to use and supports the parties to drill down into the key issues and resolve them promptly and efficiently.

Michael Tropea

General Counsel at AIA

"An Innovative and Client Centric Platform"

My client used Immediation as a claimant for a commercial matter across two states. Aside from the online mediation platform removing the geographical barrier, the user centric design and the professionalism of the mediator allowed for a time saving and amicable resolution of the dispute after the previous failed attempts to resolve via the more traditional means.

Colin Oi

Concisus Legal Pty Ltd

"A First of Its Kind"

As an experienced legal practitioner, I have yet to come across an online platform such as Immediation. The virtual conference room showcased the benefits of online dispute resolution and assisted my client resolve their long-standing dispute in good faith and a cost-effective manner.

Dragan Gasic

Founder & CEO of Judgeit

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