Arbitration suite

The only comprehensive arbitration solution.

Perhaps no one understands the role of arbitration better than those doing it. Immediation's founder is both a trial attorney and arbitrator and that experience defines our development. Our Support Suite was designed with deep understanding for each stage in your process – from inception and intake, through case management, panel appointment & payment; bundle creation/redacting; evidence preparation and delivery through the digital or hybrid hearing process and ultimately the resolution. A truly holistic digitization of your process. Importantly, our platform captures analytics along the journey and delivers insights at the conclusion of each matter that help power future decisions.

White labelled platform

The entire Immediation Platform is editable with your brand look & feel – colors, fonts, logos, terminology and various other representations.

Payment management

Platform provides ability to accept, hold and manage payments for neutrals or other charges.

Schedule management

Comprehensive scheduling tool offers view of all neutrals’ availability. Enables parties to book time as needed. Can be part of the enquiry process or separate.

Case Management

Single source of truth for the case; a central place to manage all tasks, view financial summary; locate, edit and tag documents and more. Workflow automation (a digital version of your current process) drives efficiency in case orchestration to ensure cases progress on track.

Panel Management

Centralized location for entire DRC panel of neutrals, including bios and experience. Enables easy audit and changes as needed.

Virtual Hearing

Role-based access – platform knows each party and their role – allowing them to view/interact only with the pieces & parties they are meant to. Neutral (or designated operator) controls, party management and security, main room recording option, evidence display, party and counsel rooms provided for easy collaboration with chat and whiteboards.


Enterprise-wide reporting delivered either through the platform or via existing solutions such as Tableau and PowerBI.

Insights Engine

Provides real-time insights from within the ‘platform’ - derived from the organization data. Leverages past case data to inform strategy, provide client value-add to clients and deliver tactical options to ensure cases always run smoothly.


Immediation easily integrates with your existing technologies to provide a single, streamlined user interface, while driving efficiency in the overall process through the transfer of appropriate data to the other systems.

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Fully Configurable. Holistic. End-to-end. White Labeled Platform Digitizes Your Existing Process.