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The Platform is pre-configured according to client-lawyer teams so that communication channels are always accurate. Moreover, you can define relevant terminology, roles, titles and permissions that are on display from the matter setup through to the video conferencing interface. Secure personalized links are sent to participants automatically.
Matter creation: within minutes a hearing, mediation, arbitration or client conference can be tailored.

A greater level of control.

The judical officer or neutral party is in complete control, for example quick access to permanently mute a client-lawyer team, individual attendees or the entire room. Inappropriate or sensitive video content can be turned off, and chat permissions can be changed instantaneously. Only the judical officer or neutral can manage private rooms.
Participant tools: Admins (eg. a judge or neutral) can quickly disable audio, video or chat functionality.

Instant private rooms.

Move client-lawyer teams or participants into private (breakout) rooms with a single click. Administrators save up to one hour per day; you don't need to create private breakout rooms because the whole process is automated.
Team and private rooms: client lawyer teams can move to a private room in a single click.

Document access control.

Documents uploaded before or during a matter are made available only to your team / party and then once approved they are made available to everyone (unless specifically excluded) and can be viewed inside the video conference. Any data associated with a matter (eg. documents, whiteboard notes) is retained.
Document handling: upload and share documents with your own party, and then with everyone.

Secure party / team communication.

Chat with your own legal party or team during a conference and switch between private or global chat as required. Client-lawyer teams can always enter their own pre-configured private party room which cannot be penetrated by any other party or neutral party.
Party chat: Immediation is pre configured so you can chat with your own team / party whilst in-matter.

Intuitive whiteboard.

Parties can freely edit the whiteboard whilst using various features and Immediation will automatically annotate the participants' name, colour code the changes and place a timestamp on all updates.
Whiteboard: Launch the whiteboard in-matter, change the scribe, annotate, download and store on file.

Collaborative drafting.

During a matter you can pass the pen while drafting custom documents. All changes are time stamped and automatically annotated in the matter log. The document can be signed with our native Docusign integration, complete with tailored execution clauses.
Custom docs: Co-draft a document whilst in-matter, pass the pen at any stage and Docusign when finished.

Templated agreements.

To accelerate outcomes, Immediation offers templated settlement agreements that prompt users for essential information all the way through to Docusign. Pro forma templates are pre-loaded for users across the United States, United Kingdom and Asia-pacific.
Terms of agreement: Utilize Immediation's built-in terms to accelerate outcomes. Docusign when finished.

ISO 27001 certified.

Immediation is ISO 27001 certified, offering the highest level of global information security assurance available today, to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your matters and uphold your ethical obligations. We are also GDPR and CCPA compliant.

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