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Managed services. Available Now.

For a limited time Immediation is offering a low-cost managed service for all online dispute resolution matters. The service is designed to assist counsel reduce time pressures and costs on clients, courts and most of all, speed to a quality, enforceable resolution.

Think Zoom with ODR features and a legally trained concierge to take the burden of managing the technology during the hearing away from the parties.






Use your branding

Document co-drafting


Screen sharing


Encrypted e-signing

Terms of settlement

Execution clauses

Party only chat

Legally trained support

Matter dashboard

Drafting of orders

Shared background

Hearing / matter retention

Witness access control

Whitelabel UI

Upload precedents

Comparison is based on features listed on the 'pricing and plans' pages for each respective platform. The URL used for Microsoft Teams is available here. The URL for Zoom is available here. Comparison is accurate as of 24/01/2022.


What's included?

WHITE glove service
Legally qualified service when you need it. Matter set up including emailing links to each participant, 1-1 technology checks for each participant pre matter.
maximum security
ISO27001 certified, doc-encryption, GDPR compliant, sensitive to legal ethics and confidentiality. Compliant with the world's most stringent privacy standards.
Premium Support
You will have a legally trained Customer Support Specialist available throughout the matter, assisting with technical and procedural support.
Platform access
A seamless, intuitive digital environment for handling online dispute resolution, with superior video and collaboration in the browser; no software download required.
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End-to-end managed service. Impress your clients with smooth and hassle free ODR.


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platform users


global panel members




“I was involved as a Co-Mediator in a transnational dispute involving parties in the United States and New Zealand. For various reasons associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, it was always going to be a complex exercise for a mediation involving 15 participants (in three groups of parties) in different countries to be conducted easily. Although Immediation was contacted less than a week before the mediation was held, with excellent technical support my Co-Mediator (in the United States) and I were able to run a mediation over three days seamlessly. There were no technical issues with the Immediation Platform. I recommend the platform for any complex mediation of this type.”

- The Hon Paul Heath QC, Barrister, Arbitrator and Mediator. Former High Court judge of New Zealand

“Sport NZ is proud to have partnered with Immediation to establish the first system wide Sport and Recreation Complaints and Mediation Service in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The quality of their team, commitment to innovation and belief in partnership made Immediation NZ an obvious choice for this new and complex service that our sector has needed for so long.”

- Jennah Wootten, General Manager, Sport NZ

“I used Immediation for the first time in an international mediation involving parties in New Zealand and Texas. The platform is fabulous – everyone that used it agrees that the system works really well. It’s an objective and supportive space to mediate digitally, and the cost of the platform is minimal. I recommend Immediation for any digital mediation or hearing.”

- Law Firm Director

‘’Great Clerks who are really helpful, enhancements "... " such as doc(ument) sharing and order creation are a big help. It's the closest that I can get to face to face.’’

- Senior Member, Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

“In Federal Court, the mediation process is supported by secure Immediation video conferences, bringing together participants, who can share their screens, attach documents, and exchange shared or private chat messages. Private conference rooms enable Mediators to convene with parties for confidential discussions, and more broadly Immediation has supported conferences having dozens of participants.’’

- Federal Court of Australia, NSW Registry

"Immediation is awesome. It's an innovative and practical dispute resolution platform which provides an effective, quick and professional service to resolve a matter online. A game changer!"

- Theo Kapodistrias, Tasmanian Ambassador

"I found Immediation's platform to be intuitive and high quality. I would recommend it as an extremely efficient and cost effective dispute resolution mechanism compared to a face to face mediation."

- Justin Coss, Vice President, Association of Corporate Counsel of Australia

"Immediation is a rare and welcome innovation in the legal space - an externally focused platform to assist in achieving a key business outcome: the effective resolution of disputes - rather than simply a tool for streamlining internal processes. The platform is easy to use and supports the parties to drill down into the key issues and resolve them promptly and efficiently."

- Michael Tropea, General Counsel at AIA

"Immediation is a useful and innovative way to resolve disputes - it strikes the right balance between the impersonality of a teleconference and the stress of a formal hearing."

- Corban Hicks, Former Mission Australia Business Partner

"Immediation is a highly professional and cost-effective service that provides a very accessible resolution mechanism for appropriate cases."

- Trudy Steedman, Chief Counsel, Rio Tinto

"As a law firm partner, Immediation is a great solution for offering clients a cost-effective and quick alternative to traditional courtroom litigation. It is also an excellent digital tool for negotiating large commercial transaction deals.  The seamless technology and its intuitive design means that it is easy for anyone to use, no matter your background."

- Chloe Moorfoot, Partner, FAL Lawyers

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