Richard Cheney SC

Name: Richard Cheney SC

Qualifications: BBuild   (UNSW) LLB (UNSW)

Title: Barrister, Arbitrator and Mediator

Organisation: Greenway Chambers

State: NSW

Immediation Practice Area: Mediation, Arbitration, Expert Determination


I am a   senior counsel practising at the Bar in Sydney. I was appointed silk in   2011.

I   practised as a site engineer on high rise projects in the Sydney CBD before   transitioning to law. My building background has seen my practice at the Bar   focus principally on construction disputes, but I also have a commercial and   insurance / professional negligence practice that widens my exposure to   other areas of industry and the professions. My practice includes private   arbitrations. I have participated in many mediations, variously as mediator   and as an advocate for a party, so have an appreciation of the motivations,   and the pressures, that can bear upon participants.

Immediation Area(s) of Expertise

●       Banking and Finance (Insurance)

●       Common law and professional regulation  (Medical negligence, medical regulation,   negligence, personal injury, torts)

●       Property, construction, environment, oil, gas and mining (Building and construction; Commercial Leasing;   Owners Corporation)