Michael Hyde

Name: Michael Hyde

Qualifications: BLaws; MBA (International business);  BEng. (Production)

Title: Director

Organisation: Mediation Specialists Group

State: NSW

Immediation Practice Area: Mediation


I am the owner of the Mediation  Specialists Group specialising in corporate, small business, franchising and  contracts. My mediation skills are backed by over 40 year’s experience in a  wide range of commercial environments, including: government, large corporate,  and small business managed services and franchisor/franchisee relations.

I am a nationally accredited mediator  with expertise in contract management between organisations of any size where  long-term relationships are key to keeping contract costs to a minimum.

I am on the federal small business and  franchise mediation panel. I currently chair Resolution Institute’s Sydney facilitative  professional development group, and a member of the Resolution Institute’s  national professional development network committee.

Personal Comment

I joined Immediation’s panel because  of its philosophy of better access to justice, and its ability to deliver  cost effective dispute resolution solutions to organisations of any size.

Immediation Area(s) of Expertise

·            Corporate  and commercial (Contracts, Corporations, Director’s duties, Employment,  Equipment finance, Franchising, Health)