Ian Wylie

Name: Ian Wylie

Qualifications: BA LLB, Sydney University, B App. Sc, CSU

Title: Special Counsel

Organisation: William Roberts Lawyers

State: NSW

Immediation Practice Area: Mediation, Expert Determination, Evaluation  and Review


I am a Special Counsel in the Sydney office of  William Roberts. I am an experienced commercial litigator and advisor. Prior  to joining William Roberts, I was a barrister at the New South Wales Bar for  many years and established Thomson Reuters’ online dispute resolution legal  service. Prior to the Bar, I was a Partner in two top tier national and  international legal firms.

I have conducted complex commercial litigation  cases in all major Australian jurisdictions and understand the costs and  risks that are involved with traditional litigation. I have acted in hundreds  of mediations throughout my career and understand the importance of parties  engaging in early discussions to try to narrow the issues in dispute and  settle cases early on. My approach to mediation is to assist the parties in  identifying the key issues and exploring all possible areas for compromise,  with a view to reaching a commercial and, wherever possible, amicable  outcome.

I am a member of the Competition and Consumer  Committee of the Law Council of Australia and various other professional  associations.

Personal Comment

I joined Immediation’s Panel because i think  its model is the way forward for cost and time-efficient dispute resolution

Immediation Area(s) of Expertise

Corporate and commercial (Competition law, Consumer protection),  Intellectual property, Information technology and media (Intellectual  property), Banking and Finance (Banking), Common  law and professional regulation (Negligence, Professional negligence, Torts)