Fiona McLay

Name: Fiona McLay

Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws and Economics

Title: Principal Lawyer

Organisation: McLay Legal

State: NSW

Immediation Practice Area: Mediation, Expert Determination


I have over 20 years' experience running a  range of commercial litigation in Sydney (and recently in Melbourne)  including large multi-party claims to small contract disputes. I actively  look for opportunities to achieve a commercial resolution for the parties  from the very beginning of a dispute. I have a special interest in business  breakups involving separation of business interests including disputes over  valuation of shares, minority shareholder oppression, breach of restraint,  misuse of confidential information and dissolution of a partnership. I also  have significant experience in complex family and deceased estate disputes  involving high net worth individuals.

I have over 10 years experience advising  insurers on policy coverage and professional indemnity claims (medical  negligence and Lawcover). More recently I advise businesses on coverage  disputes with insurers and negligence claims against professional advisers. I  have a commercial approach to mediation, and I am always focused on containing  the parties' costs to reach a resolution as soon as possible that the parties  can both live with.

I am a member of the NSW Law Society, Geeky  Guru at the Centre for Legal Innovation Legalpreneurs Lab, Australian Legal  Technology Association, Australian Legal Practice Management Association.

Personal Comment

I enjoy helping people resolve long standing  conflict to minimise the expense and disruption those disputes can cause and  preserve the value of the business or assets in dispute.

Immediation Area(s) of Expertise

●     Banking and Finance (Insurance)

●     Common law and professional regulation (Negligence, Professional  negligence, Torts)

●     Corporate and commercial (Consumer protection, Contracts,  Corporations, Directors’ duties, Misleading and deceptive conduct/fraud, Partnership, Shareholder remedies, Unconscionable conduct)

●     Wills, estates and charities (Family provisions, Wills estates probate and administration)