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Changing the future of justice.

Immediation comes with all the fundamental tools you need to streamline your court or tribunal process, ensure safety and security and optimize outcomes with all the information you need in one place. Advanced digital access features mean better access to justice for everyone.
streamline justice processes

Optional justice module.

Improve your disposition rate with a customized platform experience, adapted to your court or tribunal's livery, logos and process workflows.

Make data driven decisions using Immediation's justice module analytics. Gain valuable information on team usage, client uptake, session insights and a wide range of in-matter metrics.

Matter scheduling tools

Reduces administrative burden; enabling cases to be scheduled and digital hearings to be held at times that suit all parties.

Document exchange with Judicial Officer

Documents can be shared in advance of the case. Lawyers can upload submissions and reference cases directly into the matter dashboard.

Information exchange between parties

Customisable questions can take the place of traditional pleadings and enable more results-oriented, resolution focussed exchange of documents and information. Especially useful for tribunals or dockets with large numbers of self represented litigants.

Scheduling of Judicial Officers

Upload your judicial officer profiles into the Platform and seamlessly manage their dockets. Improve efficiency by having the judicial officers able to be scheduled for matters online.

Customisable workflows

To assist Court and tribunal users and online administrators. Increase efficiency by designing dispute resolution workflows.

Automated negotiation

For lists with large numbers of financial disputes, our automated negotiation tool can reduce the number of cases going to trial. It can take the pain out of the negotiation; enable the asynchronous resolution of financial disputes and reduce cost.

Justice solutions

Better access to justice for everyone.

Increase your functionality and capability by working with our legal innovation team to activate tools and processes that are made just for you. In addition to the core platform you can add tailored modules for courts and tribunals.

Immediation reduces costs, inefficiency and barriers to justice.