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Select from the full suite of services listed below, with transparent fixed fee pricing adapted to your case.
Managed service

White glove matter hosting for one-off matters. Our legally-trained customer care specialists will take care of your matter from beginning to end. We set up the case, provide technical checks and training in advance, and host the matter on the day, leaving you free to focus on the case and not the IT.

Premium support

White glove matter hosting for subscribers. Discounted by 10% to Managed Service Pricing.

Panel service

Fixed fee mediation and arbitration, on demand. Matters priced according to Panel Member expertise, availability and timeframes. Please contact us on the Pricing page for a quote.

Consultancy services

Consulting on the justice sector including whole of system change for courts and dispute resolution centres and government; dispute resolution system design and implementation; triage and early facilitation; whole of system panel. Please contact us at for more information.

Complete claims process

Self-contained fixed fee data intake workflow including correspondence with respondent for commercial and family law; no charge until the other side agrees to participate. Fee relative to the size of the dispute or claim. Ideal for personal, business or family matters. Please contact us at for further information.

Courtroom, mediation room, board room. Immediation is the digital room where it all happens. Feel at home, online.

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Complete claims processes.

A service for non-lawyers to resolve single matters. Access an expert from Immediation’s global panel to swiftly and cost effectively avoid your matter going to court.