For Courts & Tribunals

Immediation Courtroom has been developed by our Founder, Laura Keily, herself a Barrister of the Victorian Bar, drawing on an intimate understanding of the court room practice, Counsel and solicitor requirements.

Immediation courtroom is a turnkey solution. It is modular, scalable and has been validated by State and Federal Courts and tribunals.

Configured for Courts

Built from the ground up by a Founder-Barrister leveraging deep industry knowledge to enhance the technology, accelerate outcomes and lower costs.


Enterprise security

Next generation firewalling, global load balancing and encryption of all data at rest and in transit. Tested using similar military level methodology.


Advanced legal tools

Including witness access control, integrated settlements, heads of agreement, co-drafting, upload firm precedents and encrypted e-signing.


A specialised virtual courtroom experience.

Unlike video conferencing tools built for general use, Immediation has been custom built to emulate courtrooms, tribunals, mediation and arbitration centres. Immediation has been used throughout the justice system in hundreds of live matters.


Configured for hearings

Each participant receives an individualised link, including their formal appearance (name, role, client team). Judicial officers can move parties in and out of rooms and communicate independently into private rooms. Judicial officers have special control of audio, video and chat of participants if required. Immediation’s legally trained clerks seamlessly assist judicial officers with critical functionality.


Integrated settlements 

Integrated heads of agreement

Co-draft any document

Upload your firm precedents

Encrypted e-Signing 

Control witness access

Evidence management.

Evidence presentation for all hours of the proceeding. All documentation within the controlled and encrypted Immediation environment.

Whitelabeled with your brand.

Workflows and processes are configured to match your normal processes. With logos and colour schemes integrated, along with iconography and terminology standards.

Efficient online book review.

Upload and organise court books, submissions or evidence before hearing. Each matter has its own homepage where documentation can be accessed in advance.

Purpose built for hearings and dispute resolution.

Neutral Superpowers
Configurable hearing tools
Integrated settlements
Whitelabel options
Advanced document handling
Custom development
Compliant private rooms
Fast onboarding process
Witness access control
Mute chat
24/7 support
Data stored in Australia

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