CPR Case Study - Supporting the vision of faster, predictable ADR outcomes

June 11, 2024

CPR Dispute Resolution's Mission

As a leading provider of dispute management services, CPR Dispute Resolution's mission is to provide responsive and efficient case management services throughout the United States and abroad, leveraging the resources generated by the CPR Institute. CPR Dispute Resolution are committed to providing a broad array of alternative dispute resolution services to diverse parties with personalized and knowledgeable service provided by an experienced case management team.

Experienced case managers
The CPR Dispute Resolution team is responsive, efficient, and detail oriented with significant experience in ADR processes.

Distinguished and Diverse Neutrals
Our Panel of Neutrals is carefully vetted by CPR and/or a select panel of high-end users, peers and/or academics, for their expertise, training, and experience to serve on complex commercial or employment disputes.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing
Our fees are more competitive and straightforward in their application than other institutions, allowing more predictability upfront.

Speed to Resolution
CPR's Administered Arbitration Rules call for the matter to be concluded no more than 12 months from the initial pre-hearing conference. Our Fast Track rules call for resolution in 90 days.

CPR Dispute Resolution's Complete Case platform, a holistic end-to-end digital environment designed for ADR, handles matters efficiently and securely.

The Challenges

• Too many manual processes: CPR found themselves printing, scanning and emailing several times during any process from intake to appointment of the neutral to resolution

• Too many disparate tools: Although there were systems and tools available to do the job, they didn't talk to one another. This meant the only thing holding the process together were people.

• Inflexible systems: Although CPR had tools, they were challenging to work with, not intuitive and changes to the process were difficult, if not infeasible.

These issues led to an inability for the organisation to grow its business efficiently. They needed a solution.

The Immediation Solution

Immediation worked closely with CPR to understand their current work practices and determine areas where manual processes could be automated.

Co-design workshops produced more efficient process workflows, as well as a new, more intuitive look and feel for the end user.

The dedicated Immediation team provided personal and group training for hundreds of ADR professionals, onboarding them to the new CPR system.

Positive Outcomes

• CPR Dispute Resolution estimates that they have saved considerable time across all stages of their day-to-day operations. For case management, the automated forms at intake save an hour on average, before the matter even begins. Invoicing and financial reports are far easier to create and manage.

• The Immediation Platform has allowed CPR to focus on value-added activities, including scaling the business.

• The responsiveness of ADR Technology in updating and enhancing the Immediation Platform to meet CPR's needs has been "better than any other software company we've dealt with."

Mia Levi, Esq.Vice President CPR Dispute Resolution
"The introduction of the Immediation Platform into our day-to-day operations has provided not only time savings across the various case management aspects, but ease of use for our budgeting, reporting and disclosure requirements. We are able to automate necessary tasks, freeing up time to focus on other issues."

Want to scale your ADR Practice?

• Whether you're big, small or somewhere in between, the Immediation platform can offer you increased efficiency, security and control of your practice.

• If you need to be more efficient, to focus on the things that matter most, the Immediation Platform can remove the manual workload that's holding you back.

• Work with a team that is collaborative, responsive and understands that your business is unique.