What is Immediation?

Immediation is a private and confidential online dispute resolution platform, providing a low cost, easy, secure, quick and highly efficient method of resolving commercial disputes as an alternative to long and expensive court processes.

Immediation was conceived and designed by Melbourne barrister Laura Keily in response to the problems she encountered with ordinary businesses and individuals gaining access to justice at a reasonable price. Immediation has been brought to fruition by a team of leading Australian barristers, solicitors and in-house legal counsel who share a deep respect for the rule of law, and an understanding of the practices and processes of dispute resolution and legal technology.

Immediation is designed as an alternative to the current system, to enable access to a quick, commercial outcome with a fixed price. The idea is to resolve the dispute amicably, and move on, with relationships intact.

Immediation provides a framework for directly accessing world-class alternative dispute resolution, without the necessity of engaging lawyers. Immediation is designed to level the playing field. Lawyers are very welcome, but if you can’t afford it, Immediation has been designed so that you there is no inherent prejudice in the system when resolving a dispute using Immediation.

We are not advocating the end of lawyers or of courts. In fact, we value them extremely highly and we want them to be more available and affordable to people who really need them, by getting cases who do not really need them out of the way.

Why use Immediation?

We provide everything in one place that you need to sort out a dispute without having to go to court. The main benefits of using Immediation are:


We can help you solve your dispute in weeks, instead of spending years waiting to go to court.


We charge a fee that is proportional to dispute value and is much cheaper than going to court.

Risk and Outcome

We charge proportional costs and offer solutions that are much wider than you can get in court.

Time Saving

Our process is much more efficient and has far less red tape than going to court.


Our experts are independent and won’t take sides.

Information Efficiency

There is a cap on the amount of information that can be submitted, so that we can get straight to the point.

More Amicable

Our process is quick and efficient, which means much less arguing and can help preserve your important business relationships.


Our fees are certain and payable at commencement. There are no extra costs or hidden surprises.

Independent Experts

We use a panel of highly experienced, leading experts that we have handpicked for their skills in settling disputes.

How Immediation works

Immediation is straightforward and easy to use. Each of the services is slightly different, but fundamentally is based on the four key steps set out below.

These are the four key steps in a mediation using Immediation.

Step 1

The person initiating the claim goes to immediation.com. The person enters the details of the person they are having the dispute with, and also answers 10 simple questions in plain English that cut to the heart of the case. They are guided through the upload of some information.

Step 2

The other person receives an invitation to participate. If the other person agrees to use Immediation, they go through the same process.

Step 3

An independent expert with relevant experience is appointed by Immediation to assist with the resolution of the dispute online. The appointment is confirmed by both parties.

Step 4

A mediation conference is held online using Immediation’s bespoke video-conference tool, within 30 days. Parties have the option of agreeing the enforceable outcome then and there.